As Tenured Associate Professor

2017–now: Prof. Cécile HEBERT (EPFL-LSME, Switzerland)
3D reconstruction of complex dislocation configurations.

2016–now: Jean-Claude MENARD (Ahead Microscopy, France)
Development of a new generation of SEM detector.

During my Postdoc

2014–2015: Dr. Rolf BRÖNNIMANN (EMPA-TNI, Switzerland)
Picosecond pulsed laser ablation for micromechanical testing.

During my PhD

2013–2014: Dr. Karine GOURIET (UMET, France), Prof. Philippe CARREZ (UMET, France) and Prof. Patrick CORDIER (UMET, France)
Dislocation modelling in MAX phases.

2010–2013: Prof. Helena VAN SWYGENHOVEN (PSI-PEM, Switzerland) and Dr. Steven VAN PETEGEM (PSI-PEM, Switzerland)
In-situ compressions of MAX phases.