Research supervision


PhD Students

2021–2024: Thesis co-director (with Prof. Emmanuel BOUZY), seeking applicants – CIFRE with JEOL EUROPE SAS
Development of a new STEM-in-SEM technique.

2020–2023: Thesis co-director (with Prof. Thierry GROSDIDIER) of Adrien HEINZELMEIER – CNRS MITI Grant
Absorption/desorption of hydrogen in MAX phases, MXenes and their Mg-based nanocomposites.

2018–2021: Thesis co-director (with Dr. Nabila MALOUFI) of Frederic HABIYAREMYE – Ministerial Grant
Experimental and mesoscopic approach for understanding the fundamental deformation mechanisms of materials.

2015–2018: Thesis co-director (with Dr. Nabila MALOUFI) of Hana KRIAA – Ministerial Grant
Electron channeling contrast imaging of dislocations. Theory and experiments.


2020–now: Dr. Kaustubh VENKATRAMAN, collaboration with Dr. Vincent TAUPIN and Prof. Dierk RAABE (MPIE, Germany).
Influence of the microstructure on the internal stress field within grains.

2018–2020: Dr. Hana KRIAA, collaboration with Dr. Nabila MALOUFI, Dr. Vincent TAUPIN and Prof. Laurent CAPOLUNGO (Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA)
Stability of dislocation configurations.

2018–2020: Dr. Meriem BEN HAJ SLAMA, collaboration with Dr. Nabila MALOUFI and Dr. Vincent TAUPIN.
Towards the evolution of dislocations observed by SEM.

2018–2019: Dr. Chunyang ZHANG, collaboration with Prof. Cécile HEBERT (EPFL-LSME, Switzerland) and Prof. Emmanuel BOUZY
3D reconstruction of dislocations observed by SEM.

Master internships

2020: Yuming MA,  with Dr. Julien GUÉNOLÉ
Atomic-scale simulation of fundamental deformation mechanisms near grain boundary.

2017: Mathilde LEVERD,  with Prof. Emmanuel BOUZY and Jean-Claude MENARD (Ahead Microscopy, France)
Development of the STEM-in-SEM.