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Dr. Antoine GUITTON
Tenured Associate Professor of Materials Physics

Université de Lorraine – CNRS – Arts et Métiers ParisTech – LEM3
7 rue Félix Savart
57070 Metz – France

Office: L3-DN3-006
Phone: +33 372 747 787
Mail: antoine.guitton@univ-lorraine.fr
Skype: lem3.guitton

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My latest news:

Seeking bright #CIFRE #PhD candidate for developing a new STEM-in-SEM technique. More details here: http://www.lem3.fr/theses/offre_these/ApplicationPhD-JEOL-LEM3.pdf @JEOLEUROPE @Labo_LEM3 @Univ_Lorraine @CNRS_Centre_Est @INSIS_CNRS @ArtsetMetiers_ @LEM3_IMPACT

Hi @British_Airways You refuse to reimburse my cancelled flights because of #pandemic! It is unacceptable! I sent you several mails in order to refuse the voucher that you sent me. No news from you since april 2020! Not very serious... Please contact me asap.

#JobAlert #NewPosition

@Univ_Lorraine are looking for a #PhD #Student for development of a new STEM-in-SEM technique

You will develop a new cutting-edge technique for characterizing defects by electron #Microscopy

This position is in collaboration with #JEOL (EUROPE) SAS https://twitter.com/Labo_LEM3/status/1278946509078302721


PhD Student CIFRE at LEM3:
Development of a new STEM-in-SEM technique

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